Waiting with certainty


"Had I known that the bus was late, my salary would be higher from the initial contract."


We find out that the most frustrating problem with commuting using bus is uncertainty when waiting for it to come


Waiting for the bus can be the worst contributing factor to our target user’s mood for a day, especially when there’s no information about what is going on. This is frustrating for our target users since this results to the feeling of being ‘locked’. Also, it’s not rarely that this make them become incapable to deal with the situation confidently.

When they are forced to face such condition, this often lead them to depression when they encounter discomforts during the commute. By discomfort, it includes broken air conditioner, careless driver, overcrowded bus, pickpockets, heat, etc. For our target users, waiting with certainty lifts up their mood and help them to decide what should be the next plan about the ride,as well as to face the upcoming things in a more clearer mind.



We interviewed 8 people to understand how they plan their ride and how they face things happen daily during their commute. These people consisted of 4 workers and 4 college students, all use bus to go to/from office/campus.

The bus itself ranged from mini-buses such as Kopaja and MetroMini, to the bigger ones like Mayasari Bakti, AJAP, and includes Transjakarta buses as well. During the 30-40 minutes sessions, we focused the conversations on pain points and how they use aforementioned transportations.

Female, 25, Finance Staf

Goal: Arrive in office on time

Liana is a modest worker, with a simple lifestyle. She originally came from Wonosobo and make a living in Jakarta. She is the first child of three sisters and her parents is already retired from their work, which made her feel responsible to support her family in Wonosobo. Around 60% of her monthly salary goes to her family, while the rest  to her monthly expenditures and saving.

She rents a room (kost) and has been living there over 2 years now. She strives to be efficient for every spending she make. This really influences what transportation to take for commuting: public transportation. Not only public, but it must be the modest one. In regular basis she use bus to go to her office.

This condition also forced her to choose the kost wisely. The current one has the cheapest rent she could find. However, the distance is not that close, but quite far which still requires her to take several buses to reach office. Until now, she still keep searching in case there's any kost closer to her office with an affordable rent.

From her kost in East Jakarta to South Jakarta, she has to take two busses, and it means she have to do one transit. This is the part when the problem occurrs, sometimes the bus arrive in just a minute and sometimes up to 20 minutes or more. This problem quite frustrates her because she needs to be on time. Being late will end her up in salary cut, and she had got one few months ago. After that experience, she set herself a rule: if the bus doesn't come in 10 minutes, she needs to find another bus or take ojek as alternative.

It would help her very much if she knew when the bus will come. Not only knowing when to come, but also to be informed about where the bus is currently at. For these helps can calm and gives her confident of her commute plan.


Persona: Liana Ningsih

 Our user testing process done by:

  • create a guideline interview

  • create scenarios

    • you're in the conventional bus stop waiting for a bus at 8:15 A.M and must arrive on time at the office (Blok M) at 9:00 A.M with the condition you're in a hurry
    • you're in the conventional bus stop waiting for a bus at 8:15 and must arrive on time at the office (Block S) 9:00 with your condition in no hurryinterview (3 people)
  • debrief
  • refine prototype

Main findings discovered from usability testing:

  1. users expect there is another detail information about the buses when they tap the “Find The Bus Stop” results

  2. users expect they would know the real-time bus location

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